Bye, New York

Labor day weekend went by too fast and tonight I am waving goodbye to the States until Dec. 21st. On suggestion of my father, my mother and I spent 4 days in New York as a prolonged good-bye. We saw a bunch of brilliant shows and started looking toward the future. Only two short years until I live here! Only two long years until I live here! It was intensely re-affirming, at least, that this is what I want to be doing. I want to create theatre.

Until December, I’m ready to have nothing to have nothing to do with theatre at all!

I was born into a show-biz family, and I’m thrilled to take a step back from it for a bit.

FUN HOME-  intimate, heartfelt, simple.

SOMETHING ROTTEN- hilarious, smart, jolly.

HAMILTON- classic, brilliant, needed.

AN AMERICAN IN PARIS-gorgeous, delightful, lovely.

THE KING AND I- breathtaking, fresh, Kelli.

Hello world- here I come!